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philosophy in music:
for film lovers:

The Matrix You could write and incredible essay on whether the film is more Cartesian or Platonic...

Inception There are scenes that show the writers to be more than familiar with Descartes & Nozick, can you spot them?

21 grams a beautiful film with a wonderful closing sequence... you will get it. but only at the end....

The Lives of Others there is something magical about this portrayal. think about virtue ethics...

Wedding Crashers Hard to believe... yes. but think kierkegaard and possibly even sartre though much less so...

Equilibrium every philosophy student should watch this... I’ll not spoil it.

To End All Wars a moving true story about faith & philosophy really mattering in the world. think about Plato but also as a critique of ‘violent ontologies’

more to follow.... :)


if you’ve ever heard a song that really seemed to ‘get you’ or is ‘real’ you know what this is about

more coming on music soon

Music is a way to dream together and go to another dimension. - Bartoli
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spewing out a track list is probably a waste of time, just keep your ears open, quite often music you wouldn’t expect to have strong philosophical themes will really surprise you!
however there are some bands that never disappoint... biffy and 30 seconds to mars are great examples at the moment... and DON’T FORGET the video can be a text just as much as the lyrics: