The Core Theme - What is ‘me’?
help and revision for ib philosophy

champion of reason or less straight-forward?

The root of all our problems?

‘Father of Existentialism’? Diagnostician of Despair

The Greeks
‘where it all started, but what can we learn?

freedom’s champion and  why ‘hell is other people’

‘knowing’ changes forever... so does politics.

kant’s inspiration and nemesis

how violent are you, naturally?

more on the major figures page...Kant.htmlDualism.htmlDualism.htmlDualism.htmlDualism.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlLocke.htmlLocke.htmlLocke.htmlLocke.htmlLocke.htmlLocke.htmlKant.htmlDualism.htmlthe_Greeks.htmlLocke.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8shapeimage_4_link_9shapeimage_4_link_10shapeimage_4_link_11shapeimage_4_link_12shapeimage_4_link_13shapeimage_4_link_14shapeimage_4_link_15
The Big Questions

Mind/Body Problem do we have another sort of ‘us’ inside our bodies? does it even matter?

Free Will

we feel like we’re free, so we must be right?

Mind and Machine we’ve all seen star wars but could a robot really be a person?

Is there a ‘natural’ me? and would i like her!?!

Is ‘out there’ even real? a conversation with Bishop Berkeley

Can I even know another person? sounds stupid, but with time it becomes scary...


what is ‘me’?

the better you are at the first two the better you will be at understanding real life
unsurprisingly the core theme is placed right at the centre of the ib philosophy course... it asks you to think about who/what/how and why you ‘are’ - no easy matter...
I find it easier to think of the course in three ways... there will be a lot of philosophers you have to learn and read about. We could call them major figures.
Secondly there are what I call Big Questions. These are the really interesting bits the way we think and live our lives. Thirdly there is what i call ‘real life philosophy’ and this is everywhere. It’s when films and music and magazines and all the things we like to do start overlapping with the other two areas...
The exam is designed to test this, and you will have to philosophically examine an non-philosophical source...
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becoming a philosopher
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